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Nov 2023

D CEO Energy Awards 2023

Bill Lantz, JGL's CEO, recognized as the winner for DCEO's Energy Awards 2023

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Nov 2023

5th Annual Oilfield Water Industry Update

JGL Solutions is a proud sponsor of this event occurring November 2, 2023 in Houston, TX. Additionally, JGL's CEO, Bill Lantz will be a featured speaker for the 2024 Produced Water Business Risks & Opportunities Panel

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May 2023

3rd Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference

JGL Solutions is a proud sponsor of this event occurring May 17th-18th, 2023 in Fort Worth, TX.

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Aug 2022

D CEO Energy Awards 2022

JGL Solutions' CEO, Bill Lantz, is recognized in the 2022 Energy Awards for Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability.

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Aug 2022

4th Annual Industry Update Oilfield Water Markets

JGL Solutions is a proud sponsor of this event occurring October 5th, 2022 in Houston, TX.

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May 2022

Petroleum Products & Solutions May 2022 Issue

Remediating/Preventing Scale and Corrosion in SWDs and EOR Injectors

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May 2022

Oilman May-June 2022 Issue

Microbes Offer Cost Effective and Environmentally Friendly TPH Cleanup of Oil Spills

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Mar 2022

2nd Annual Oilfield Water Markets Conference

JGL Solutions is a proud Gold level sponsor of this event occurring March 10th -11th, 2022

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Mar 2022

Oilman March-April 2022 Issue

Properly Handled, Microbes Can Cost-Effectively Treat Scale, Corrosion, Paraffin and the Environment

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Nov 2021

Hart Energy E+P Publication

How a Microbial EOR Process Can Bring New Life to Aging Fields

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Aug 2021

D CEO Energy Awards 2021

Excellence in Innovation and Sustainability

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Our Blog

New blog posts released monthly covering JGL Solutions microbe treatment benefits, applications, and key differences between traditional methods.

Employee Highlight

Employee Spotlight: Operations Manager, Mike Giesen

Mike Giesen worked for a Kansas-based coalbed methane supplier that was a client of JGL Solutions, he had seen JGL’s microbes clean scale, paraffin, and corrosion in his employer’s SWD wells. Now, the 41-year industry veteran is JGL Solutions' Operations Manager.


In the Lab: Measuring Microbial Treatment Success

JGL Solutions has a full-service laboratory to monitor treatment success and ensure we are meeting operator's key performance indicators. The lab tests include water analysis, solids analysis, and oil in water tests.


Blending Tailor-Made Microbe Treatments

JGL Solutions provides a full-service treatment and application process for operators. No chemical pump to maintain and a tailor-made treatment based specifically on your system.


Using Nutrient vs. Live Microbes

While the goal of nutrient is to target indigenous microbes, we already know that our product has checked that box before we even treat. JGL introduces billions of microbes in our product and we use the surface facilities as a bioreactor.


How to Break Paraffin Hydrocarbon Chains

Instead of raising the temperature of paraffin through hot oiling, or diluting paraffin with chemicals, microbes break the long-chain hydrocarbons into shorter chains, resulting in a more liquid, refined form.

Commercial SWDs

How Microbes Beat Chemicals at Removing Scale & Corrosion in SWDs

SWD downtime and scale-based flow reductions/back pressure increases can affect production, costing you even more in lost revenue on top of workover expenses. On top of that, how’s your ESG score with all those chemicals flowing?

Soil Remediation

Effective TPH Soil Remediation in Half the Time and Half the Cost

Do oil and soil mix? Not really, says just about everybody, from regulators to landowners. So when it gets on the ground, through a spill, or by careful design, there are regulations about how it must be remediated.


5 Reasons Why Microbes Outperform Chemicals in Saltwater Disposals and Waterfloods

Microbes are a powerful solution in fighting corrosion, enhancing oil recovery, and more. Here are five reasons why they outperform traditional chemical solutions in SWDs and Waterfloods.


Achieve 2023 ESG Goals: Using Microbes to Aid in Positive Environmental Impact

As Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) reporting becomes a global common language for measuring important issues, using microbes in the petroleum and wastewater industries provides a perfect solution.

Scale and Corrosion

How to Clean/Prevent Scale and Corrosion with a Tiny Footprint

How do you effectively remediate and prevent scale and corrosion? JGL Solutions begins by testing for a variety of scale-causing contaminants. Armed with that information, we create the right mix of microbes.


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