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Cracking Paraffin Chains

Learn about our microbe's ability to crack paraffin chains, resulting in the transformation of paraffin to refined crude.

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Access the virtual copy of our brochure, in it you will find:

  • Benefits + Properties
  • Case Histories
  • Customer Testimonial
  • Saltwater disposals and waterfloods
  • The importance of colonizing vs. PPM
  • Promotion of oil in water separation

Learn more about the how behind JGL's environmentally safe solution.

  • No EPA reguations
  • Intrageneric microbes
  • Real-life example



See how microbes permeate solid deposits to remove solid buildup and eliminate under-deposit corrosion in tanks, injections lines, and formations. This results in possible pressure reduction and/or volume increase, while simultaneously lining surfaces with a polysaccharide film providing further protection.

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Microbial Treatment Process

This animated graphic gives an inside look into JGL's microbial treatment process. Highlighting entry points, movement throughout a system, and capture of residual oil. It also explains how microbes colonize in a system, providing a full strength solution at all times.

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