How JGL's Microbial Products are 100% safe

Environmental Impact: How JGL's Microbial Products Are 100% safe

JGL Solution's mission is to provide the most effective and sustainable solutions. According to the EPA, our microbial products are 100% approved for safe release in the environment.
- Bill Lantz | CEO of JGL Solutions

JGL Solution's microorganisms are all naturally occurring. This means that we do not genetically alter our product in any way. The Environmental Protection Agency does not regulate our product for three main reasons:

  1. JGL's microbes are not genetically altered
  2. JGL's microbes are non-pathogenic
  3. JGL's microbes are non-carcinogenic

Under the Toxic Substances Control Act: naturally occurring and intrageneric microorganisms (stay in the same genome when they reproduce) are not subject to EPA regulations. Only intergeneric microorganisms, which are formed by deliberate combinations of genetic materials from organisms classified in different taxonomic genera, are regulated by the EPA.

If a release of JGL's microbial product occurred in the environment, there would be no cleanup required. In fact, it would most likely improve the area affected.


Due to a valve failure, JGL's microbial treatment truck leaked product onto an oilfield lease in Texas. The spill was reported to the Texas Railroad Commission and they began environmental protocol and shut wells in. After review, they quickly determined that there could be no harmful effect on the environment and there was no cleanup required. Wells were immediately turned back on.

All of our microbial solutions are 100% safe for land, water, air, and life. We hope to play our role effectively in leading the industry in sustainable development and environmentally stewardship efforts.