Achieve operating efficiency, improve water quality, and maximize profitability.

Microbial Biotechnology Solutions and Services for Oil and Gas Operations, Water Treatment, and Environmental Cleanup.

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In addition to our comprehensive portfolio of microbial products, our experienced field and office personnel work together to create an optimal treatment design and a specific microbial blend for your system based on detailed lab analysis completed at the JGL Solutions Laboratory.  

From in-lab to on-site, JGL field personnel delivers, handles, and injects the tailor-made microbial blend directly into your system. No pump or tank to maintain, no ppm to regulate, and no environmental liability.

Applications Include:

Commercial Disposals
Flowback Pits
Flowback Water
Pretreatment Frac Water
Produced Water
Producing Wells
Saltwater Disposals
Soil Remediation

Naturally Occurring

Exists naturally without artificial aid or alteration.

Environmentally Safe

100% safe for air, land, water, and life.

Facultative Anaerobic

Can survive with or without the presence of oxygen.


Non- carcinogenic and non-pathogenic




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unique benefits + cost efficiency

Reduces Operating Costs

  • hot oiling and acid jobs reduced or eliminated
  • tubing, casing, flow lines, injection lines, surface facilities, and pump life extended
  • replaces chemical program costs
  • well failures reduced

Improves Water Quality

  • reduction of solids injected into the formation
  • promotes oil/water separation
  • removes oxygen from the system
  • controls harmful bacteria (SRB, APB)
  • removes existing scale from the system

Increases Well Productivity

  • cleans formation and perforation
  • increases run time
  • increases skim oil recovery
  • microbially enhances oil recovery

solutions unique to your system

Our team retrieves a sample from your system, runs a water analysis in our lab, and then blends microbes tailored to the needs + goals for your system.

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Operators across AR, CO, KS, LA, NM, OK, and TX are using JGL Solutions microbes to improve their systems.

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