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What determines the cost of a microbe program?

- Amount of water injected
- Amount of oil produced (if applicable)
- Retention time
- Location of your system
- Issues that need addressed in your system

How do they compare with chemical program costs?

JGL Microbe Programs are usually less than or equal to the cost of chemical programs.

Do microbes work in all oilfield applications & environments?

Yes, JGL's microbes work in most to all oilfield applications and environments.

Is there a different microbe product for each issue I have?

There are different strains of microbes for different issues. JGL Microbes are able to blend into one treatment, tailor-made to your system.

As we know, most chemicals are toxic. Are microbes toxic as well?

JGL Microbes are 100% safe for land, air, water, and life. They are non-toxic, non-carcinogenic, and non-pathogenic.

Why use microbes instead of chemicals? 

Synthetic chemicals are man-made copies of naturally occurring chemicals in nature and are for the most part toxic and/or environmentally harmful to personnel, plants, animals, aquifers, etc. Microbes are more effective than chemical because of their biological process, they produce natural chemicals and by-products in situ making them much more effective for common oilfield applications.

Why is facultative anaerobic an important property?

The term facultative anaerobic describes the ability of the microbes to utilize aerobic pathways or anaerobic pathways in the metabolic process. This is a huge advantage in oilfield application because the microbes will utilize the available oxygen and still be effective when the environment changes to a non-oxygen environment. This is one of the reasons corrosion is always reduced significantly.

What is MEOR?

Microbially Enhanced Oil Recovery


How will you monitor the success of the microbe program?

In SWDs and waterfloods, JGL's team will determine a sample point prior to treatment. We will pull a sample monthly and run the following lab analysis:
- Millipore Filtration Analysis
- Water Analysis
- Solids Analysis
- Oil in Water (if applicable)

How do you treat my system?

We treat directly into your system. JGL’s team will determine the best point of entry on our site analysis visit.

My system has high levels of carbon dioxide, does this affect the microbes?

High levels of carbon dioxide do not affect microbes.

My system has high levels of chloride, does this affect the microbes?

High levels of chlorides do not affect microbes.

Only very toxic chemicals can remove iron sulfide, can microbes?

Yes! JGL Microbes can remove iron sulfide naturally.


Can I schedule a presentation?

Yes! Presentations can be virtual or in-person.
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Can I get an estimated quote for my system?

Yes! We can give you an estimated quote based on injection volumes, produced volumes, and the location of the system. Upon site inspection and lab analysis, the quote may vary depending on the issues specific to the system (retention time, etc).
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"We cut a piece of 4" poly pipe that normally would have 30% buildup that showed it was 99% clean, just a small film on the ID. We believe that since treating in the water tanks, we are reducing the solids in suspension, reducing the buildup in flow lines, and decreasing our flow line repair and replacement expenses by almost 50%."