5 Reasons Why Microbes Outperform Chemicals in Saltwater Disposals and Waterfloods

Microbes are a powerful solution in fighting corrosion, enhancing oil recovery, and more. Here are five reasons why they outperform traditional chemical solutions:

1. JGL microbes naturally remove oxygen in the system
  • Facultative anaerobic - This means that the microbes can grow/survive in both the presence/absence of oxygen
  • Oxygen scavengers used by chemical companies are less effective, man-made versions of natural microbe properties
  • Oxygen is a catalyst for corrosion, so when oxygen is present, the microbes remove the water’s oxygen then continue to thrive anaerobically, removing as much scale as possible in a single microbial blend
2. Removes and prevents under deposit corrosion
  • Natural microbe byproducts, remove scale, iron sulfide, hydrocarbons, and more
  • Chemicals cannot do this on their own - it requires additional acidizing or mechanical removal
  • Microbes produce a polysaccharide film on surfaces, providing a protective layer to prevent corrosion and leaks, and extend equipment life.
3. Promotes separation of oil and water
  • Microbes strip hydrocarbons off solids and then dissolve the solids allowing the oil to separate
  • Microbes separate solids from oil and reduce interfacial tension
  • Reduced oil carryover, provides more sellable oil and boosts well injectivity
4. Colonizing Vs. Parts Per Million (PPM)
  • Microbes set up a colony throughout the system by reproduction
  • Chemicals work in ppm, operators must set up a pump to maintain the correct ppm and strength
  • Microbes are always at full strength and evenly dispersed
5. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)
  • Chemicals are restricted to where water flows and cannot move independently - microbes move on their own, reaching places chemicals can't
  • Microbes break tension there and release residual oil in an extremely cost-effective process
  • MEOR is a tertiary form of oil recovery - qualifying for large tax exemptions varying from state to state

JGL microbes are proven more effective and cost-efficient than toxic chemical programs currently being used in the petroleum and wastewater industries. All of our microbial solutions are 100% safe for land, water, air, and life. We hope to play our role effectively in leading the industry in sustainable development and environmental stewardship efforts. To learn more, view our resources page here or our case history page here.

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Is there a different microbe product for each issue I have?

There are different strains of microbes for different issues. JGL Microbes are able to blend into one treatment, tailor-made to your system.

Why use microbes instead of chemical?

Synthetic chemicals are man-made copies of naturally occurring chemicals in nature and are for the most part toxic and/or environmentally harmful to personnel, plants, animals, aquifers, etc. Microbes are more effective than chemical because of their biological process, they produce natural chemicals and by-products in situ making them much more effective for common oilfield applications.