Microbial Treatment Process

For an injection system and producing well


At JGL Solutions, our microbe treatment solutions are applied both in the injection/disposal system and in the producing wells. From there, the microbes move throughout the two systems, bringing measurable benefits.

Microbes begin colonization in these vessels and throughout the injection system. The microbes reproduce and maintain approximately one million cells per milliliter of fluid at all times.

Microbes begin to remove deposits such as paraffin, scale, corrosion, etc. and begin to clean tubing, rods, well pumps, flowlines, surface facilities, injection lines, injection pumps, and formation.


Microbe Treatment Point for Injection System

  • Entry point determined after site evaluation
  • Common entry points - gunbarrel, intake tank, and/or water knockout

Injection System Results

  • Tank bottoms reduced and/or eliminated
  • Oil carryover cut significantly
  • Injection lines cleared
  • Pressures reduced
  • Scale removed and inhibited
  • Corrosion significantly reduced


Microbe Treatment Point for a Producing Well

  • Microbes are injected into the annulus
  • The hydrostatic head causes the solution to enter into the formation and perfs
  • Microbes attach to surface areas and continue reproducing

Producing Well Results

  • Allows unrestricted flow of fluid into the wellbore from the formation enabling oil and gas production increase
  • Eliminates chemical costs
  • Significant reduction/elimination of hot oiling stripping jobs, well pulls, and well failures



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