In Saltwater Disposals and Waterfloods

5 Reasons Why Microbes Outperform Chemicals in Saltwater Disposals and Waterfloods

Microbes are a powerful solution in fighting corrosion, enhancing oil recovery and more. Here are five reasons why they outperform traditional chemical solutions:

1. Microbes Naturally Remove oxygen in the system

  • Facultative anaerobic, meaning they grow/survive in both presence/absence of oxygen
  • Oxygen scavengers used by chemical companies are worse, man-made versions of natural microbe properties
  • Oxygen is a catalyst for corrosion, so the goal is to remove as much as possible

2. Removes and Prevents Under Deposit Corrosion

  • Natural microbe byproducts, remove scale, iron sulfide, hydrocarbons, and more
  • Chemicals cannot do this on their own - it requires acidizing or mechanical removal
  • Microbes produce a polysaccharide film on surfaces, preventing corrosion and leaks and extending

3. Promotes Separation of oil and water

  • Separate solids from oil and reduce interfacial tension
  • Reduced oil carryover, provides more sellable oil and boosts well injectivity
  • Microbes strip hydrocarbons off solids and then dissolve the solids allowing the oil to separate

4. Colonizing vs. Parts per million (pPM)

  • Microbes set up a colony throughout the system by reproduction
  • Chemicals work in ppm, and operators must set up a pump to maintain the correct ppm and strength
  • Microbes are always at full strength and evenly dispersed

5. Microbial Enhanced Oil Recovery (MEOR)

  • Chemicals are restricted to where water flows and cannot move independently
  • Microbes move on their own, reaching places chemicals can't
  • They break tension there and release residual oil in an extremely cost-effective process

All of our microbial solutions are 100% safe for land, water, air, and life. We hope to play our role effectively in leading the industry in sustainable development and environmentally stewardship efforts.